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Different on Purpose

Straight Talk (Boys 12-16 years old)

Created for boys at risk for gang involvement and being victims of violence, Straight Talk pulls no punches in guiding participants toward self-awareness and healthy alternatives. During six consecutively running weekly sessions, participants are engaged in dialogue about what it takes to be a man, father and be successful in love and life. The curriculum includes tutoring, as needed, in reading and math, as well as hands-on training in the construction trade.


As with Back to Basics, volunteers assisting the trained facilitator are all background-checked, pre-screened to ensure their sensitivity to the realities and needs of the boys, and attend an orientation to go over program goals and the importance of constructive listening. A key focus of the program is equipping adolescent boys for adult responsibilities by increasing their employability, developing their work ethic and giving them the fundamental skills (e.g., financial planning) to act on available opportunities.​ ​

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