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D'Anthony Hall, 22, Athlete and Devoted Father

I sit with D'Anthony's mother, Stacy Hall, and she tells me what a "big baby" D'Anthony was. She explains that her son was the youngest on both sides of the family. He was spoiled – not in terms of getting everything he wanted, but in being constantly underfoot, wanting Stacy’s attention. D’Anthony, a.k.a. “D’Hall,” was also uncommonly loving, funny, loyal, "favorite cousin."

D'Anthony Hall

During his years at Pearl Cohn High School, everyone loved D'Anthony. He was a star athlete who broke records in track and football, and passionate about dancing and his family. Though he was the youngest, D'Anthony was very protective of his family, and most-especially his mom and sister. He didn't have a care in the world when it came to public displays of affection for his family. He loved on them no matter where he was or who was watching.

Growing up, D'Anthony wanted to be a police officer because, Stacy laughs, he could “run fast and catch the criminals.” He was a hard worker for his short life, always keeping a job. Being a shoe lover, D’Anthony had to keep the checks coming in to buy the next new pair, and anything else he desired. He enjoyed his ability to pay for and own his own things.

Unlike his own father, D'Anthony was also a devoted father and caretaker to his three children - D'Anthony Jr., Demarius, and Demarion – all of whom are good dancing athletes, just like dad.

On the fateful night of December 12, 2014, D'Anthony was senselessly murdered by men he once called friends. Stacy notes that if one positive thing came from the loss of her son, it was that a few of his other “friends” dropped out of gangs, vowing to back away from the nonstop violence.

When asked what her son would be doing today if he were alive, Stacy says she believes he would be back in school. It was something they discussed before D'Anthony's murder. He would probably be living a settled, "simple little life,” she muses, working on his dream of being a police officer and ministering people off the street.

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